What's in Your Makeup Remover Wipes?

I'm so lazy. But I'll sit on the couch for 7 hours and then go to bed without taking my makeup off because I'm "too tired". Or whatever excuse I come up with. 

I used to use makeup remover wipes to take off my makeup. Before I made the switch to use cleaner and healthier products, I would use wipes that contained some scary ingredients. Those wipes contained ingredients that are linked to irritation (skin, eyes or lungs), possible organ system toxicity, can cause allergies and disrupt your hormones- to name a few. Ew, not worth it. 

Let me introduce you to the multi-award winning Kaia Naturals cleansing cloths! I am lovvvving these wipes! The don't sting or burn my eyes which is awesome. Their ingredients are pretty great too. These bamboo cloths are made with Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The bamboo cloths are also soaked in citrus essential oil and have a "Secret Weapon"- honey!

What I love most about these wipes is that I can use them to cleanse, tone and remove my makeup. Win, win, win! These babies sure come in handy after a long night out partying (aka long night in re-watching Friends on Netflix).  

If you're looking for a quick way to do all of those things I mentioned above, check out Kaia Naturals

I hope everyone had a great week!