I've been getting my 'Ommmm' on without being in a crazy Yoga position.

Hola friends! Welcome back!

I recently tried out a few products from Om Aroma & Co. They're a company based out of New York. Their line is described as "eco-chic". Which I couldn't agree more. Everything I've tried is Ommmmazing (see what I did there?). 

I received four products. The Mini Beauty Serum Trio and the Manuka Honey Masque! I'll start with the serums. {Protect} is a raspberry seed serum that fights wrinkles and offers deep hydration while protecting your skin from the suns harmful rays. {Renew} is a pumpkin seed serum that provides an intense repair treatment by healing and repairing your skin. Normally, I hate pumpkin, but I could get on board with this serum! Just keep it out of my lattes, please. {Glow} is a carrot rose serum that gives your skin the nourishment it needs. It also makes your skin look fresh, young and more lively! Maybe I'll look like Blake Lively eventually. One can only hope. I used the the Protect and Renew serums at night and used the Glow serum during the day under my day cream and makeup. Holy smokes. The Glow serum kept my face moisturized ALL DAY LONG. Usually, I'll get dry around my nose throughout the day. NOPE, not when I was using Om! That really surprised me. Glow is my new bestie. Amber+Glow4eva.

Moving on to the {Detox} Honey Masque! Good golly! I really need to find another adjective besides amazing. But it is what it is. This mask has ingredients like Manuka Honey (duh) to help draw out impurities from your skin. It also has Apricot and Papaya Enzymes to naturally brighten your skin by getting rid of those dull skin cells! Oh and did I mention it has delicious honey? I may have accidentally tried it while I was masking. It's delicious by the way!  

I highly recommend these products! And if you're in New York, check out their spa, Savor Spa + Boutique! They do massages, facials and carry Om Aroma & Co.! I've been so pleased with everything I have tried thus far! Their products are clean and 95%-98% Organic! I will definitely purchase the full-size serums because I love them that much! Go get your Om on!