My Favorite Lipsticks

Lipstick. It's what brings us together today. Just kidding, it's what brings us together everyday.

Can we all agree that lipsticks are the best? Especially when they don't poison us with carcinogens, plastic, lead, endocrine disruptors and the list goes on and on. Give these clean brands a try! They're just as pigmented and luxurious as those other high end brands. Ya know, minus the gross chemicals. I love how lipstick is a simple switch to make your make-up bag a little cleaner and greener. 

There are obviously a ton of non-toxic lipsticks out there. I'm working on trying them all. 

Check out some of my favorite shades!

Ilia Beauty in 'Blossom Lady' 

Ilia Beauty in 'Blossom Lady' 

Ilia Beauty in 'Wild Child'

Ilia Beauty in 'Wild Child'

For balms and glosses, I love Root's Pretty Balms! I have three colors and I love them all! And lately, I find myself reaching for one lipgloss- and that's the perfect nude/pink gloss by Evelyn Iona in Val (looks a lot more brown online, just fyi). I'm in love with it! It goes great over Blossom Lady by Ilia Beauty! 

What are your favorite lipsticks? Are you more of a nude/pink kind of gal or a bright lipstick kind of lady?! 

Hope you all had an amazing week!