I Am A (floral) Material Girl

Cuz we are living in a material world and I am a material girl.

Floral and sweater materials, that is. 

Most of my sentences to my husband start out like this, "Rodney! Look what I bought!" I say it to him all the time. But thankfully for him, I don't spend a lot on clothes. 

I cannot pass up a pretty floral. If I like the print, I don't care how it fits. It's mine. I'll figure out how to make it work later. I don't know how to sew, so that makes my up-cycling process a little trickier. 

I went to a thrift store the other night "just to look" (aka things I tell Rodney). I bought two items and spent $8 (you're welcome, husband)! One of the items was of course a lovely floral print. With some super chic black, shiny buttons and some cute shoulder pads. Shoutout to the 80's! I kinda like the shoulder pads though! They're not as linebacker-y as I thought they were going to be! So I figure, I'll just take those ugly buttons off and viola! 

The other item was an open sweater/cardigan type thing in a perfect shade of cream. But, it was an XXL, I'm a Medium. But I ain't gonna let something like that stop me! BRING IT ON! This was zero effort. I washed it and it's ready to wear. Easy peasy!

Do you have any amazing up-cycled pieces?! I wanna see! Email me some pictures at helloMsCentsible@gmail.com