Got Me Some Gressa Goodness

I finally got me some Gressa Goodness!

I've heard amazing things about Gressa. Everyone seems to love them! I recently tried out their Corrective Serum Foundation. I'll be honest, It was weird at first. I'm used to powder foundations. But a serum foundation that dries like a powder? Whaaaaa? I can dig it. I applied it a few different ways and I think I found "my way". I moisturized my face with my MJ Skin Naturals Illuminate Moisturizer and then dotted the product all over. Then I blended the serum with a beauty blender. I really like the coverage- it's light but buildable! And it dries like a powder. I have no idea how Gressa managed to do that. But do ya thang, Gressa! The foundation is packed full of great ingredients as well! Tons of oils, extracts and loveliness to actually feed, hydrate and heal your skin! Gressa calls it a multivitamin for your face. And ain't that the truth! None of that synthetic crap found in there! If you have a face, I recommend Gressa.



Products Used:

Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation in shade 2.5

Hynt Beauty Mascara

Au Naturale Cosmetics Lipstick in "Ruby"

Zuii Organic Eyebrow Definer