d.o. for your b.o.

Non-toxic deodorant. What a wild goose chase it has been.

I'll make this short and sweet. 

I've tried a handful of non-toxic deodorants. Creams, sticks, pastes and a bunch of other textures. None of them worked for me. Finding a non-toxic deodorant that actually worked was so much harder than I thought it would be. They were sticky. The texture was weird. And ya know, the smelling bad part was a pretty big issue. 

I posted a picture on my Instagram last summer of my favorite nontoxic and clean deodorant and it's still my favorite. That's how ya know it's good! Meow Meow Tweet Is a company based out of New York. Their products are made with organic, unrefined plant-oils and butters. They're also a completely vegan brand- which is pretty awesome. 

But what do I love most about this deodorant you ask? IT ACTUALLY WORKS. I apply it in the morning (it's a cream, p.s) and I'm still fresh 13 hours after the fact. That's incredible. Even back when I used the toxic stuff, deodorants would not keep me smelling nice. I would have to reapply multiple times during the day. Working in the film industry, I'm allllllways running around doing stuff on set. So I like to not smell like gross onions (honesty is the best policy) when I'm driving important people around. I applied my deodorant this morning around 4am (I know, so awful) and it's 5ish and I smell fantastic! Insert praise hands!

They have a few deodorant options (as well as a ton of other products) on their website. Some people's armpits are super sensitive to deodorants with baking soda, so they have a baking soda free deodorant! I personally have found that the deodorant with baking soda works better for me. Not sure which one to get? They have samples! They sell a 1oz. jar for $8! It'll last you a while and it's great to refill if you're traveling or need a smaller container. 

Okkkk, so that wasn't as "short and sweet" as I planned. My bad. 

Thanks for reading, friends!

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