Be A Choosy Chick!

Hi friends! 

Happy New Year! I hope you all had an amazing holiday!

Margot from The Choosy Chick was kind enough to send me some goodies that I've been eyeing. And spoiler alert - I love everything

What to talk about first? Hmmmm.

I kept seeing pictures of Kari Gran's skincare and wondered if it would live up to the hype. Good golly! Kari's products delivered! I got Kari Gran's Skincare System Mini Kit. It includes mini versions of their Cleansing Oil, Hydrating TonicEssential Serum and 365 SPF 28 . I really like this cleansing oil! I know I've talked about cleansing oils before. But I just can't get enough of them! Some cleansing oils don't spread around easily on my face. There have been some that I've tried where I have to keep adding more oil because it's too thin. This one is buttttter. Again, cleansing oil is great for all skin types! It won't make you break out or make your face oily. Weird, I know. The tonic is great too! Traditional toners and tonics can dry out your skin, but not this one. Depending on what tonic you get (Lavender or Rose- you can't really go wrong with either choice), the ingredients are simple and effective! I spritz it all over my face after I cleanse, before I apply the serum, or whenever I want some extra hydration. But my absolute favorite from this kit is the SPF. I wear sunscreen on my face every single day (Public Service Announcement- you should too!). I love that Kari's sunscreen is lightweight enough to wear under your makeup. It's not thick or heavy at all. I've had issues with some sunscreens making my face too greasy and then my makeup would slide right off. Not cute and so annoying. You don't have to worry about that happening with this SPF. It's the perfect consistency and texture. This is definitely my favorite sunscreen for the face! I'll be buying the full-size version asap! You can get the entire starter kit for $35.00 which is such a steal. I've been using mine for a few months and I still have product left! And all of Kari Gran's products are made with natural, organic, wild harvested and non-gmo ingredients! Ummmm, yes please!

Another favorite are Au Naturale Cosmetics lipsticks! Margot included one and it's a good one! Innocence is true pink shade. It's soft and easy to wear which is good because some soft pink lipsticks are not so cute on. But this one is top notch! I love, love, love Au Naturale and all of their lipsticks that I've tried. Most, if not all of their lipsticks are matte. So they have some intense staying power. If you're not a fan of matte lipsticks, check out their glosses and layer it! 

To keep the Au Naturale train going, I also got their Creme Bronzer Stick! This bronzer stick is super easy to use. I love to use it in the winter to give me a light glow and some color. But it's great to use in the summer to enhance the glow that I already have. You can also use it to contour by dabbing it in the hollows of your cheeks. Don't go over the top Kardashian-style! But just sculpt out those cheekbones and give your face a little depth and dimension!

Last makeup product I received was 100% Pure's Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer. 100% Pure uses colors from the pigments of fruits and vegetables to make the color in their makeup. So you don't have to worry about what artificial colors and dyes are lurking in your bronzer. Their bronzer is pigmented with cocoa, coffee, tomato and berries. So if worse comes to worst, you could eat it, right? I better keep this one handy. This bronzer is a little orangey/red for me. So I use it a light blush and bronzer combo on days when I want some color on my cheeks and a little tiny touch of shimmer. 

Last but certainly not least, Margot threw in something for my main squeeze, Rodney! His mane is now the proud owner of the Scalp Rescue Sculpting Gel by Max Green Alchemy! Rodney does not do his hair. Like ever. But I love walking into the bathroom now and seeing him use this gel or hear him asking "Where's my hair gel?!". It makes my little green heart smile! Baby steps, people! We'll have him using nontoxic deodorant in no time! 

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